What is Food Tourism?

Food Tourism as World Food Travel Association puts it is “travel for a taste of a place in order to get a sense of a place.” United Nations Tourism Organization sees it a cultural phenomenon to unbox foods and beverages of a region as it presents the livelihood and traditions of that area. It is the appreciation of good food and beverage while learning more about farming, cooking, eating in a great ambience, and the people after all.

Culinary Art

Do you desire to cook our local dishes? You can follow the recipes Cook Sheibani shares with you. She has gone through various national recipes as well as grandmothers’ version to reach a consensus. Enjoy!

Gastronomy Tours

At present, we only offer Gastronomy Tours in Yazd. In future, we will offer tours wherever you fancy in Iran with a huge emphasis on foods and beverage though sightseeing, the cultural-historic side, is never overlooked. However, we can help you with other varieties of tours around Iran. Besides, you can count on us if you need accommodation and transportation as well as visa.

“Food tourism is the act of traveling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place.” ™