Yazd Tourism Innovation Center | The importance of food tourism

The tourism industry in Yazd province is very important due to its global nature and the prosperity of this industry can greatly contribute to the economic development of the province. In this regard, tourism has been introduced as a provincial advantage of Yazd province by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

The second prelude to main event of Yazd Tourism Innovation Center was held in the Andisheh Hall of Yazd University on June 16, 2021. This event was held in two panels with the aim of raising business issues in the field of tourism and presenting innovative solutions and ideas.

At first, Dr. Ali Delshad, Head of Tourism Management Department of Yazd University and the responsible for setting up the Tourism Innovation Center, presented reports on the activities of the Yazd Tourism Innovation Center in holding a series of three preludes and a final reverse pitch event.

Panel 1: Analysis of the challenges of food tourism development in Yazd

Facilitator of the first panel, Mr. Hussein Dehghan


Hussein Dehghan

Hussein Dehghan

Honored guests of the first panel:

  • Seyed Nasser Tabatabai, President of Yazd Hoteliers Association and also Director of Laleh Hotel in Yazd
  • Ramtin Shohrat, the owner of Nartiti Taft eco-lodge


According to the problems mainly derived from interviews of the active entrepreneurs and experts in food tourism, the first panel discussed the following two main topics:

  • Marketing and promotion lacks
  • Thematic activities and more experience tourism in eco-lodges (hostels) considering gastronomy tourism


Each guest spoke about the challenges of food tourism, as well as the importance and role of innovation in meeting the needs of tourism businesses. The Yazd Food Tourism Committee also invited the event guests to have Yazdi coffee to show the importance of tourism and food. Yazdi coffee is enlisted in National Intangible Heritage list so it is imperative so promote the tradition and the drink.

The purpose of the Food Tourism Committee in cooperation with the Yazd Tourism Innovation Center is to address the needs and issues related to the field of  gastronomy tourism with a touch of creativity and innovation. In this regard, it always emphasizes the presence of active university students, on-going R&D, market analysis and institutions cooperation.


Panel 2: Analysis of Challenges of Ecotourism Resorts Development

Facilitator of the second panel, Mr. Seyed Reza Bahadori


Honored guests of the second panel:

  • Taghi Akbarpour, Member of the Board of the Yazd Ecotourism Resorts Professional Association and Director of Ariz Castle Ecotourism
  • Meysam Piri Ardakani, President of Yazd Ecotourism Professional Association and owner of Mahbibi Ardakani Ecotourism Resort

The second panel focused on marketing, energy and water, the central theme, manpower training, the conflict between locals and tourists.


At the end of the event, Mr. Sadr al-Din Hosseini Mashhadi, Innovation Facilitator of the event and Ms. Faezeh Zareian, Secretary of Yazd University Tourism Scientific Association, added points regarding the importance of tourism innovation at Yazd University and the presence of students in the activities of the Scientific Association and Innovation Center.




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