About Us

We are a bunch of foodies who are passionate about seeing through local foods and beverages in order to grasp the cultural values. A team of photography, two food researchers and cooks, as well as a tourism mediator are core members of the team, though we are well-connected to many influential tourism entities alongside culinary pros.

What we do is mainly introducing local foods and beverages of Yazd and extend it to Iranian versions.

What we desire to achieve is to form a global network of food and beverage literates in tourism arena for travelers who care about eating well.


A qualified Cultural Tourist Guide keen on presenting Iranian customs, history and nature to everyone. A certified Culinary Tourist Guide who is personally a foodie and loves to unbox Iran’s gastronomy and culture. A person from Yazd raised in the outskirts of the desert and lives in the Qanats (subterranean water canals) civilization. An English Instructor fond of speaking and attentive listening. A humorous guy looking for fun and nightlife. Well, yes, my name is Hussein Dehghan. I have been guiding tours since 2004. I was born and bred in Yazd, lived in the capital for a couple of years and love my country i.e. why I enjoy presenting her to others. Plus, I have traveled quite much and am keen on exploring other cultures and traditions. I founded Yazd Food Tourism Committee on February 23rd, 2020 to pursue a dream.

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Our Team


Seyedeh Elham Hosseini Ezabadi

Food Blogger

Bachelor of Nutrition
Activity in the field of nutrition and diet therapy consultant


faezeh zareian

Digital Marketing

Bachelor of Tourism student
Activities in the field of content production, SEO and social media

Soraya- Safarzadeh

Soraya Safarzadeh

Survey of tourism industry stakeholders

Master student of Iranology from Yazd University


neda houshmand

Author and researcher

Bachelor of Armenian Language and Literature
Instructor of Tourism Management, Payame Noor University
Author of Radio Yazd


mohammad kargar

Plan and execute the tour

Performing various tours and holding festivals and exhibitions

“Food tourism is the act of traveling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place.” ™