Yazdi Ghimeh | Local food of Yazd


Ghimeh Yazdi is one of the local dishes of Yazd that can be seen in the menu of traditional restaurants of Yazd.

 what is the difference between Ghimeh Yazdi and the others? Or what is the spice of Ghimeh Yazdi ?

Cooking Ghimeh in Yazd is different and instead of chickpeas used pease. To cook the original Ghimeh Yazdi, chickpeas are soaked for 2 days and the skin is separated and cut in half. You do not need potatoes to prepare it. This stew has a taste similar to broth.

It is not common to use tomato paste to cook traditional Yazdi chickpea Ghimeh , but nowdays some people also add paste seasoning to it.

Yazdi Ghimeh stew with chickpeas is very popular among the people of Yazd, perhaps the name of this stew is less heard and is being forgotten. In this article, the Yazd food tourism team will teach you how to prepare delicious Yazdi Ghimeh . Stay with us. Be creative in preparing food and this time make Ghimeh stew in a different style at home.

Ingredients for cooking Yazdi Ghimeh stew

300 grams of minced mutton

250 grams of peas

A tablespoon of solid oil or butter

Peel a medium onion and grate it

A tablespoon of fried onions

Half a teaspoon of green cardamom powder

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder

2 Amani lemons

Salt, pepper, turmeric and saffron as needed

Cooked rice and fried potatoes for serving

Yazdi Ghimeh recipe


Preparation of chickpeas: From the day before, put the chickpeas in a medium bowl and cover them with water and let them soak well. During this time, change the pea juice several times to prevent bloating. Then pour the peas in the strainer and peel them and cut the peas in half.


Preparing a lemon: Make a few holes in the lemon with a knife or fork. Then soak them in a bowl of lukewarm water for two hours to soak.


Pour the oil into a saucepan and place it over medium heat to heat the oil. Then add the onions and fry a little until light, soft and golden. Then pour the minced meat in the pot and fry it with the onion until the meat juices are drawn and its color changes. Add black pepper and turmeric to the meat and onion and fry until the raw smell of turmeric is removed and its aroma and color are absorbed by the meat.

Step 4:

Add the chickpeas to the ingredients in the pot and fry a little with the meat. Pour three glasses of water into the pot and increase the gas flame until the water boils. Then turn down the heat, put the lid on the stew and let the meat and peas cook for two hours.

Step 5:

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After 90 minutes, add the lemon zest and salt to the stew pot and allow the stew to settle.

Step 6:

In the last 15 minutes of cooking, mix the pre-fried onion with the green cardamom powder, cinnamon powder and steamed saffron and add it to the stew to add its aroma to the food.

Step 7:

Garnish the stew with French fries and serve with rice.

The taste of Yazdi chickpea Ghimeh stew

Yazdi chickpea Ghimeh stew with saffron aroma and unique taste will satisfy any taste. If you are looking for a suitable food to entertain your guests, Yazdi Ghimeh stew with a different appearance and delicious taste can be the best option.

Yazdi Ghimeh stew has a saffron color and usually tomato paste is not used in the method of preparation; But if you like the appearance of Yazdi Ghimeh stew with chickpeas is similar to the classic stew, add a little roasted tomato paste to the recipe.

The secret of delicious Ghimeh

To cook Yazdi ghimeh stew with delicious chickpeas with a pleasant taste, pay attention to the important points in cooking this stew:

  1. You can also add peeled peas to the stew, but it will definitely get better without the skin.
  2. Depending on the taste, you can add juice or lemon juice to your food.
  3. Be sure to soak the peas from the night before.
  4. Some people also add rose to this stew, which is a taste.
  5. You can use mutton thigh marrow or chopped minced beef to prepare Yazdi chickpea ghimeh stew.
  6. You can also use ginger powder in this stew. Of course, the use of spices is completely tasteful.

Yazdi Ghimeh in the restaurant

When traveling to Yazd, what is the best restaurant to eat Yazdi ghimeh? Yazd Hall Restaurant is ready to serve you dear ones by offering a variety of Yazdi food, especially Yazdi ghimeh stew. Ghimeh Yazdi Yazd Hall is one of the quality and delicious dishes of this restaurant that acquaints you with the true taste of this traditional and different food.

last word

Yazd food tourism team will make your trip tasty and different along with food tourism. When traveling to visit the sights of Yazd is accompanied by the taste of Yazd local food, you can get acquainted with the culture, customs and traditions of the local people. At the same time, tasting the delicious food of Yazd  will bring you one of the most special experiences.

The yazd food tourism team offers a variety of food and cooking tours that allow you to get acquainted with the taste and food culture of the local people of Yazd in addition to visiting the tourist places of Yazd.

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